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Preventing Snap-Back with Ghost Text


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    I have created an Adobe Livecycle ES4 form with expandable textfields. Almost all works fine, except for 1 problem. When the user has a textfield filled with pages of content (words) that run a number of pages (e.g. 4 pages) the form will snap-back to page 1. When the user clicks into the textfield (e.g. page 3) to edit a word or sentence on page 3, the document will send them back to the original page that the textfield started on (e.g. page 1). This snap-back could be any number of pages previous to their location, but is based on the textfields starting location. The user must then scroll down after the snap-back to the location they wanted to edit. (see url for demonstration of the problem)


The textfield with the snap-back problem uses the "enter" "exit" and "form-ready" events for ghost text. After some work I have realized the "enter" event is what is causing the snap-back. When the user clicks into the textfield I would like the ghost text to disappear, only reappearing if the field is left empty. How do I script the "enter" event to prevent a snap-back from occurring when the textfield is multiple pages. Any suggestions?

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