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Populating a Text Field on Master Page


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Hello and thank you for the time to read this, I'm working with Lifecycle Designer and using JavaScript to populate a field in the master page; the weirdest thing is going on where I added a button on the first page of the document

for (i=0; i<xfa.host.numPages;i++)


this.resolveNode("#pageSet.QuickReferance[" + i + "].txtName").rawValue = nName.value;

this.resolveNode("#pageSet.QuickReferance[" + i + "].txtName").access = "readOnly"


ad it does what it was supposed to; Now when I go to add to page 5 of the form it still loops I checked with a message box that told me the value of I. but nothing happens to txtName. I did want to say I didn't run page one before I ran page 5.

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