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Populating a PDF form with database data


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I would love to know how (if possible) to populate an Adobe PDF form with data pulled from an Access database.


I have a registration form already created using Adobe LiveCycle which is used by people to fill in their details.  With a built-in xml schema, the user saves the form and sends them to me.  I extract the data into an xml document which I can then import in an Access database using VBA code.

The Need

When it comes time to re-register, much of the original data provided by the user has not changed.  Rather than ask them to fill out the form all over again, I would like to send them their original data and they can update whichever fields they need to.  With the xml schema built into the form, I would love to turn this form into a two-way avenue for both importing and exporting data.  Is this possible?

Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.  Please let me know if I have not provided enough information.


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You can connect the form to the DB using anODBC connection. This functionality comes as part of Acrobat but the form must be Reader Extended by the full LiveCycle Server version of Reader Extension to allow this in Reader. In your case, if your system is the only on ethat will interact with the DB then this might be a viable solution (but you woudl have to use Acrobat). This solution woudl involve create an ODBC connection in your system then configuring the form to make use of that connection.

Does that make sense?