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playback not displaying anything on the screen


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Hi, I'm testing the recording and playback with a screen sharing application.

I set up a WebDAV server and verified that session recordings are successfully stored.

When trying playback, however, I can't see anything on the screen.

Debugging output suggests that archiveManager.totalTime is non-zero,

connection is successfully established, and playback indeed was happening at the background.

I am testing with the sample playbackGuest application.

Any idea why this might be happening?

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Could you provide us with some client side debug logs?  How frequent is the problem?  Have you tried restarting the playback application at least several times?  Do all your recordings fail to playback or just this one?




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Just wondering when you say "debug output" are you using LCCS debug util clases? As such:


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I'm having a similar issue in playback.  I have updated my video conference recording applications to use the new sdk and now when I make a new recording I don't see video or hear audio.  I do still see the progress bar moving.

My code is a playback with a slider, it logs in (cSession.login()) after the flashvars are read in on application_complete.  This sets my roomUrl and archiveId to the appropriate values to enter a room.  Visible is changed to true (the Session Container does display currently, just not video or audio) when creationComplete fires on Session Container:

<s:HGroup width="100%" height="100%" horizontalAlign="center" verticalAlign="middle">
               <rtc:ConnectSessionContainer id="cSession" authenticator="{auth}" width="100%" height="100%"
                                                   roomURL="{roomURL}"  autoLogin="false"
                                                   archiveID="{archiveId}" creationComplete="sessionComplete()" visible="false">
                    <mx:HBox top="10" right="10" left="10" bottom="10" horizontalAlign="center" verticalAlign="middle">
                         <mx:VBox width="100%" height="100%" horizontalAlign="center" verticalAlign="middle">
                              <rtc:WebCamera width="90%" height="80%" />
                              <rtc:AudioSubscriber id="aSubscribe" />
                              <mx:HBox width="90%">
                                   <s:Button id="playButton" verticalCenter="1" width="32" height="32" click="playButton_Click()" styleName="pauseSkin" />
                                   <s:HSlider maximum="{cSession.archiveManager.totalTime}"
                                                value="{cSession.archiveManager.currentTime}" id="slider"
                                                change="slider_Change()" verticalCenter="1"
                                                width="100%" height="32" />

I see this on the console:

Wed Aug 17 08:58:34 GMT-0500 2011    LCCS SDK Version : 2.0.0    Player Version : WIN 10,3,181,34

08:58:34 GMT-0500    requestInfo https://na2.collaboration.adobelivecycle.com/twvending/videotest?guk=ZzpwbGF5YmFjaw==&mode=xml&playb...

08:58:34 GMT-0500    #TicketService# ticket received: 15md5idu5glj1

08:58:34 GMT-0500    Getting FMS at https://na2.collaboration.adobelivecycle.com/fms?ticket=15md5idu5glj1&playback=session&proto=rtmfp, attempt #1/3

08:58:35 GMT-0500    result: <fms>





08:58:35 GMT-0500    protocols: [object ProtocolPortPair],[object ProtocolPortPair]

08:58:35 GMT-0500    [attempt 1 of 2] Connecting to 0/1: rtmfp://fms1.acrobat.com/playback/na2-sdk-e80bc473-6f16-41ac-adcb-67e01950cd72/videotest/session #startProtosConnect#

08:58:35 GMT-0500    tempNetStatusHandler 0/2,NetConnection.Connect.Success

08:58:35 GMT-0500    isTunneling? false

08:58:35 GMT-0500    is using RTMPS? false

08:58:35 GMT-0500    #SessionManagerPlayback 5293 fms connected: [Event type="connected" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2]

08:58:36 GMT-0500    #SessionManagerPlayback 5798 receiveLogin:

08:58:36 GMT-0500      . [object]

08:58:36 GMT-0500        \\

08:58:36 GMT-0500        .options [object]=

08:58:36 GMT-0500        .descriptor [object]= [object Object]

08:58:36 GMT-0500        .ticket [string]= 1hatdu440bmb9

08:58:36 GMT-0500    #SessionManagerPlayback 5800 ======= onConnected: play __PacingStream

08:58:36 GMT-0500    #SessionManagerPlayback 6348 ======= onMetadata: play __StreamOffsets

08:58:37 GMT-0500    #SessionManagerPlayback 7356 ======= receiveStreamOffset session/FileManager, 45

08:58:37 GMT-0500    #SessionManagerPlayback 7356 ======= receiveStreamOffset session/AVManager, 65

08:58:37 GMT-0500    #SessionManagerPlayback 7356 ======= receiveStreamOffset session/RoomManager, 85

08:58:37 GMT-0500    #SessionManagerPlayback 7356 ======= receiveStreamOffset session/UserManager, 104

08:58:37 GMT-0500    #SessionManagerPlayback 7356 ======= receiveStreamOffset session/default_WebCamera, 124

08:58:37 GMT-0500    #SessionManagerPlayback 7356 ======= receiveStreamOffset session/592385A9-E940-29B4-C5B4-D80368058E19, 138

08:58:37 GMT-0500    #SessionManagerPlayback 7357 ======= onOffsetStreamPlayStatus

08:58:37 GMT-0500      . [object]

08:58:37 GMT-0500        \\

08:58:37 GMT-0500        .duration [number]= 0

08:58:37 GMT-0500        .code [string]= NetStream.Play.Complete

08:58:37 GMT-0500        .level [string]= status

08:58:37 GMT-0500        .bytes [number]= 1010

08:58:38 GMT-0500    #SessionManagerPlayback 7885 realReceiveLogin:

08:58:38 GMT-0500      . [object]

08:58:38 GMT-0500        \\

08:58:38 GMT-0500        .descriptor [object]= [object Object]


08:58:38 GMT-0500      .user descriptor from server [object]

08:58:38 GMT-0500        \\

08:58:38 GMT-0500        .affiliation [number]= 10

08:58:38 GMT-0500        .userID [number]= 0

08:58:38 GMT-0500    #SessionManagerPlayback 7888 ======= subscribeCollection root

08:58:38 GMT-0500    #SessionManagerPlayback 7888 ======= subscribeCollection __RootCollection - play

08:58:38 GMT-0500    #SessionManagerPlayback 8433 ======= subscribeCollection UserManager - play

08:58:38 GMT-0500    #SessionManagerPlayback 8434 ======= subscribeCollection FileManager - play

08:58:38 GMT-0500    #SessionManagerPlayback 8434 ======= subscribeCollection AVManager - play

08:58:38 GMT-0500    #SessionManagerPlayback 8435 ======= subscribeCollection RoomManager - play

08:58:39 GMT-0500    RECEIVENODES UserManager

08:58:39 GMT-0500    receiveAllSynchData UserManager

08:58:39 GMT-0500    RECEIVENODES RoomManager

08:58:39 GMT-0500    RECEIVENODES AVManager

08:58:39 GMT-0500    RECEIVENODES FileManager

08:58:39 GMT-0500    receiveAllSynchData FileManager

08:58:39 GMT-0500    checkManagerSync:[object FileManager]

08:58:40 GMT-0500    receiveAllSynchData RoomManager

08:58:40 GMT-0500    checkManagerSync:[object RoomManager]

08:58:40 GMT-0500    receiveAllSynchData AVManager

08:58:40 GMT-0500    checkManagerSync:[object StreamManager]

08:58:40 GMT-0500    checkManagerSync:[object UserManager]

08:58:40 GMT-0500    #SessionManagerPlayback 9590 ======= subscribeCollection default_WebCamera - play

08:58:40 GMT-0500    RECEIVENODES default_WebCamera

08:58:40 GMT-0500    receiveAllSynchData default_WebCamera

Is there something I need to change on the recording apps?  I'm setting archiveManager.isRecording = true and then when the browser is closed setting it to false.

The recording apps still connect using my dev username and password in the Authenticator, and the playback just uses <rtc:PlaybackAuthenticator id="auth" />.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Level 4

1) Does the simple app "Recording" that comes with LCCS SDK work for you for *video* recording ( audio isn't recorded in it ) ?

2) I noticed you don't have an audio publisher just a subscriber, here's what I use to get audio to record:


Level 3

Ok, I have tried the recording and playback from the sample applications and I get the recording to show in my repository fine, but it will not play back.  The error I get is "no-fms":

Wed Aug 17 10:28:48 GMT-0500 2011    LCCS SDK Version : 2.0.0    Player Version : WIN 10,3,181,34

10:28:48 GMT-0500    requestInfo https://na2.collaboration.adobelivecycle.com/twvending/videotest?guk=ZzpwbGF5YmFjaw==&mode=xml&playb...

10:28:49 GMT-0500    #TicketService# ticket received: 15mdtp4sd6w7j

10:28:49 GMT-0500    Getting FMS at https://na2.collaboration.adobelivecycle.com/fms?ticket=15mdtp4sd6w7j&playback=__defaultArchive__&pr..., attempt #1/3

10:28:49 GMT-0500    result: <fms>



10:28:49 GMT-0500    #SessionManagerPlayback 1016 receiveError:

10:28:49 GMT-0500      . [string]

10:28:49 GMT-0500        \\

Alex: The above code was an example of my playback application.  I don't think I need an audio publisher for that purpose.

Thanks for your help,



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Small update:  I was able to open the archive on my repository server and view the streams.  They look legitimate.  However, the playback application does not play the stream specified.



Former Community Member

Hi, to make things simpler, I tested the provided Recording and PlaybackGuest app in the SDK.

Recording seems to work fine and a zip file is saved in the WebDAV server.

I still don't see anything when I run the PlaybackGuest app. Here's what I get from the console. (most recent at the top)

10:18:25 GMT-0700    #SessionManagerPlayback 8577 ======= onConnected: play __PacingStream
10:18:25 GMT-0700        .options [object]=
10:18:25 GMT-0700        .descriptor [object]= [object Object]
10:18:25 GMT-0700        .ticket [string]= 1fnfh7pde7zum
10:18:25 GMT-0700        \\
10:18:25 GMT-0700      . [object]
10:18:25 GMT-0700    #SessionManagerPlayback 8543 receiveLogin:
10:18:25  GMT-0700    #SessionManagerPlayback 8263 fms connected: [Event  type="connected" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2]
10:18:25 GMT-0700    is using RTMPS? true
10:18:25 GMT-0700    isTunneling? false
10:18:25 GMT-0700    tempNetStatusHandler 1/2,NetConnection.Connect.Success
10:18:24  GMT-0700    [attempt 1 of 2] Connecting to 1/1:  rtmps://fms5.acrobat.com/playback/na2-sdk-[XXXXXX]/[ROOMNAME]/__defaultarchive__  #onNextConnectTimer#
10:18:19 GMT-0700     [attempt 1 of 2] Connecting to 0/1:  rtmfp://fms5.acrobat.com/playback/na2-sdk-[XXXXXX]/[ROOMNAME]/__defaultarchive__  #startProtosConnect#
10:18:19 GMT-0700    protocols: [object ProtocolPortPair],[object ProtocolPortPair]
10:18:19 GMT-0700    result: <fms>
10:18:18 GMT-0700    #TicketService# ticket received: 1cg7zniqzl5hh
Warning:  Domain collaboration.adobelivecycle.com does not specify a meta-policy.   Applying default meta-policy 'master-only'.  This configuration is  deprecated.  See http://www.adobe.com/go/strict_policy_files to fix this  problem.
10:18:17 GMT-0700    requestInfo [ROOMURL] ?guk=ZzpwbGF5YmFjaw==&mode=xml&playback=__defaultArchive__&x=0.0196698228828609
Wed Aug 17 10:18:17 GMT-0700 2011    LCCS SDK Version : 2.0.0    Player Version : MAC 10,3,181,22


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To get the debug output, I'm not using LCCS classes.

I'm using a Firefox extension FlashFirebug 3.0.2 w/ Firebug 1.8.1 under Firefox 5.0.1.


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Is that all you see in terms of logs?  If that is true, it appears that your recordings is not even initializing its playback streams.




Former Community Member

Yeah... then no more debug output is shown. Do you have any pointers to what I can try?




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Hi Juho,

I peeked into your logs and I do not understand few things that are happening there. 

First, I cannot find your playback's "application started" traces which is really strange, as if application started days ago.  I am still grepping for it in archived logs.  My suggestion would be to start fresh with a new room or a different archiveID and see if that untangles you from the current issues and you get to a working version.

Second, I see lots of registerRepository calls in the logs.  Is this intentional?  You only have to register a repository once for the whole account.

Hope this helps,



Former Community Member

Hi Nikola,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Good news is, now I see the playback control! Trying with a new room + some other things I tried seem to have made it work!

I have no idea why the playback application trace doesn't indicate its starting. I apparently ran the same application targeted at the same room/archiveID over and over for my debugging. But shouldn't it still "start" every time I test?

Calling registerRepository multiple times was by design. I'm planning to get rid of that line soon




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One quick observation:

I learned that one potential cause of the problem is that

I added <AudioPublisher> and <AudioSubscriber> to my ConnectSessionContainer.

The thing is, I enable voice chat only when a user chooses to enable it.

For streams that do not have audio data, the whole application doesn't show on the screen.


Level 3


Any update on my no-fms?  I seem to be connecting just fine when recording to the repository.  Playing back streams is where I'm coming short.

Thanks again,



Level 4

Last time I got a "no-fms" error it meant the same thing as "invalid instance" (I misspelled my room + archiveID). I saw an good auth message and right after taht "no-fms", then we found that I was passing in the wrong archive ID. Voila problem solved

Hope that helps


Level 3

Great! That's working correctly now.  I just had to double check my archiveID.

Thanks a lot,



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Great to hear it works.  By the way, we will fix up the SDK to return a better error in the near future.

Thanks Alex