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Newbie question about subforms spanning multiple pages


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Hi all,

I am very new user to Lifecycle designer (having 'upgraded' from CF Report Builder) and so far, am very impressed - and am a lot happier using it compare to CFR.

However, I have come across an issue with subforms which - no matter what I try - I can't seem to solve.

I have the subform, and content, setup to repeat over all the data items (which are in an XML file) and in the main this works fine. The page is designed so that 8 subforms fit neatly onto each page. When I limit the max number of items in the 'repeat for each data item' section to 8 then everything is fine but ... there will always be more than 8 records.

I have checked all of the relevant checkboxes about allowing page breaks (though some of the subforms didn't have the option enabled), etc but when for more than 8 records all the page does is display 'half' of the 9th item and then a blank (apart from master page items) 2nd page.

Would anyone here be able to take a look at my form and some sample data and tell me what the problem is ?



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