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Need your help with the SaveAs function plz


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Good day everyone, 

I need your help yet again to figure out if what im trying to acomplish is even possible within Livecycle designer.

My issue is simple in nature, prevent the SaveAs "open window" to show up when they press the disk icon or use the saveAs option from the File menu if some of my fields are not fill-in.

To do so, i placed the code into the Pre-save area of my form and that code checks if certain fileds are filled-in are not.

If there not, i want to tell the user to fix this before the SaveAs occurs.

But right now, the problem is that the "SaveAs open" window shows up FIRST i have to tell where i will save the file and all that good stuff and THEN my code gets activated.

I was able to create my onw SaveAs button and it works well, the problem is that i want to also capture any save's that are executed around the form (the disk icon, the SaveAs in the FileMenu and the Ctrl+s)

Is there a way to do just that? right now i would be ok in just being able to tell Livecycle to cancel the SaveAs action if that was possible, but i cant find anyway of doing that neither

Your help is always appreciated

Thanx a lot.

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