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Need step-by-step instructions to add a barcode


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Hi folks,

I am a complete newbie when it comes to adding a barcode to a form, so I need simple step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

I am not familiar with scripting, and am hoping to do most things through the toobars & object detail menus, etc.

I do know how to wrap objects in a sub-form, however.


  • Form with numerous text fields and a few checkboxes
  • Need to add a barcode:
    • Type: Paper Forms Barcode
    • Symbology: PDF417
    • Scanning Method:  Handheld Scanner
  • Barcode must capture information from 6 text fields + 1 checkbox

Please help!

Thanks in advance...  (c:

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Level 2


I have managed to put a barcode onto the form, and use tab delimiting.

I am using the 'automatic scripting' feature as I don't know scripting.

The barcode displays data from a 'collection' I created by selecting 6 fields.

However, I want the barcode to encode the field information (field name, field data) IN A SPECIFIC ORDER.

How can I do this?