Need a way to automatically convert LiveCycle (dynamic XFA PDFs) to AcroForms (static PDFs). There is a manual way.

yashs27737309 10-03-2016

We need a way to convert the XFA PDFs to Acrobat PDFs. We know there is a way to print the file and save as PDF but this will make the form flat like an image.

We want a solution where on the click of a button, LiveCycle saves a form as AcroForms (static PDFs). These PDFs will have fixed structure, scripts will be removed but the fields within the PDF should be open/editable.


There is a manual way for this -

    1. Convert Livecycle PDF to a flattened PDF by using a Print as PDF feature
    2. Open Adobe Acrobat, go to Create --> Create Form --> select "From existing Document" --> upload the flattened PDF you created in the 1st step
    3. Acrobat will detect the form fields. Save that as a fillable static PDF.

Customers obviously will not perform the above steps. So, we need a way to do these steps automatically at a click of a button from the LiveCycle PDF document.

Is there any API/plugin to do this automatically? I believe this feature is needed by the most users of the LiveCycle forms.

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yashs27737309 07-04-2016

Hi guys, I believe if something can be done manually, there has to be a way to do it automatically as well.

Please suggest a solution on the above question.

@Adobe experts - You can possibly come up with a standard solution. I am sure many users would want it.