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Need a step by step guide for installing tools needed to convert/render PDF to HTML. The existing links are so confusing.


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We have created a few PDF (XFA) forms using the Adobe LiveCycle ES4 Forms Designer (the tool that costs $299). We need to convert and also save those XFA PDF forms into HTML format.

After reading a few posts, we believe that the LiveCycle server gives that option. But there is no proper guidance for this. How do we do install that?

We have followed this link but it so confusing.. there is not straight answer – https://helpx.adobe.com/livecycle/help/mobile-forms/upgrade-livecycle-es4.html

A proper guidance will be appreciated.

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You can setup a LiveCycle ES4 SP1 Server or an AEM forms server to convert an XFA form to HTML forms. You can convert forms to similar looking HTML5 forms or more advanced forms known as adaptive forms.

If you choose LiveCycle:

  1. For installing and configuring LiveCycle ES4 SP1 server, see Installing and Deploying Adobe LiveCycle® ES4 Using JBoss Turnkey
  2. After installing LiveCycle, visit LiveCycle Help | Working with Forms and https://helpx.adobe.com/livecycle/topics/mobile-forms-dev.html for detailed information about HTML forms that look similar to PDF counterparts.

If you choose AEM forms:

  1. For installing and configuring AEM forms see Installing and configuring AEM 6.1 forms
  2. After installing AEM forms, visit AEM 6.1 Forms Help | AEM 6.1 forms | Help & tutorials for detailed information about HTML5 forms that look similar to PDF counterparts and advanced forms known as adaptive forms.

Do let me know if you have any queries.


Khushwant Singh


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Thank you Khushwant for prompt reply.

I still have many queries about this. I have sent you a message.


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Hi Khushwant

I will chat with the AEM sales team to know more about it.

But can you please throw some light on Adobe LiveCycle server?

In the post above you gave a link to install.

It says - "From the download site, download and extract the entire JBoss_DVD.zip file (the LiveCycle Electronic Software Distribution or ESD file) to your file system. Be sure to keep the directory hierarchy unchanged from the JBoss_DVD.zip file."

I checked on the Adobe download site and there is no such file. How do I get that file to download?

Also, you mentioned that LiveCycle server is not available for purchase. What did you mean by that?


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We have the exact same problem please help us
where do we download the livecycle server


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We haven't installed the LiveCycle server yet. Did not get the answers we were looking for from Adobe.

I felt they are being pushy towards selling their upgraded AEM product than answering what we actually need.


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Hello guys.

I have the same problem with LiveCycle Server.

If somebody has the solution, please let us know.