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Mutual Authentication and CAC


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I am trying to create the Java custom UM AuthProvider SPI in Eclipse. 

I am using this example:


We are trying to implement CAC smartcard authentication with our Adobe LiveCycle Workspace.

In the example, there is "...", which tells me that I need to fill in the blank.  I'm a C# developer and not a Java developer.  The code is erroring on the request variable for the extractCertficate method.  It looks like it hasn't be instantiated yet and I'm guessing that is where the "..." is.

It's also complaining about authConfigs in this line of code:

ar.setDomain(authConfigs.get(0).getDomainName()); //Assuming config is single domain and using its domainName

Has anyone implemented this example successfully and what should I put where the "..." is.  There is an assumption that I should know what goes there.  We are using JBoss and Adobe LiveCycle Turnkey installation.



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