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master pages text field doesn't repeat onto next pages


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I have a text field that I placed in a header on my master page. When I preview the PDF I am able to edit the title on my page which is what I desired. However, it doesn't clone onto the other pages of the document.

I wanted to be able to tab out of the field and then have all the headings across all pages update to that same title.

This is a form that has expanding tables that flow onto additional pages so the page numbers will vary. I want each page to have the same title when a user specifies the title.

Do I have to add javascript to make this do what i want? Like a validation script upon tabbing out of the field?

How would it need to be written as my knowledge with javascript is at a level that leaves me helpless.


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Hi, you do not need javascript to make this work, have you put the textfield in the masterpage or in the untitled content area?

Is your page based on that master page, untitled content area, or the page... what is the pagination settings of that page?


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textfield that i want to use as an editable header title is in the master pages view in the header area above untitled content area.

then in design view i have additional pages where I add fields and tables to the content area.

what does the pagination need to be?

I have three pages.

   FIRST page says, Placee: following previous, After: continue filling parent

  SECOND page says: Place: top of next page, After: continue filling parent

  THIRD page says: Place: top of next page, After: continue filling parent


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Seems like I am not sure how to fix it without visual contact with the form... could you try to access your field programmatically through the master page?

xfa.form.form1.pageSet.Page1.txtTitle....     ???

if yes, try to change its value with a simple button click