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manually created submit buttons & mandatory fields


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I included a Submit & an Email button in some of my forms.  I've set them up as Regular buttons and coded them myself to do what I want eg:

if(xfa.host.messageBox("Please save this form before emailing or data will be lost","Save Form",1,1))
var sEmail = form1.Pg2.PtESF.Mgremail.rawValue;
var sSubject = ("Permit to Train Request by " + form1.Pg1.PtASF.FirstNameFld.rawValue + " " + form1.Pg1.PtASF.LastNameFld.rawValue);
var sBody = "Please approve the Permit to Train Request as attached.";

event.target.submitForm({cURL:"mailto: "+ sEmail +"?subject=" + sSubject +"&body=" + sBody,cSubmitAs:"PDF",cCharset:"utf-8"});

If I set them up as Submit buttons, they don't try to run the script more than once.  I assumed this was because I had the code built in with the Submit option and it ran that as well as my own code.

So I changed the button to be a Regular button and then it worked perfectly - except for one thing.

It no longer validated the mandatory fields.

Can anyone tell me what's built into the Submit button (that I can't see), that I need to reproduce in my script for my regular button?



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The Submit buttons validate the from behind the scenes.

You can use execValidate() in an if statement, and if passes then execute script.

See an example here for execValidate():

http://assure.ly/hM2A5y (see last button)


Both of the above examples use validationState and cancelAction so are targeted to Acrobat/Reader version 9.1. Please note that execValidate() can be used in earlier versions:



Hope that helps,



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ah thanks Niall, I'll get reading and get back to you.