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Making Check Boxes (User Entry - Required)


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Can a Check Box be made User Entry Required, when I enter the View tab within Object Palette it does not provide the option to make a check box  a required field.  If I change the check box to a Radio Button then I can make it a Required Field however if I do this the end user cannot uncheck the Radio Button if they change their mind.

Any help would be appreciated  

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It is a bit of a common misconception that Radio buttons work like check boxes. They are seperate controls. For a check box you are thinking that a checked box means yes and an unchecked box means no. A radio button is specific to each answer. That is why in the Hierarchy when you place a Radio Button it actually creates a Radio Button List that is surrounded by a subform. It is expecting you to place more than 1 Radio button within that List. If you place another Radio button inside the list, change the item to "yes" and the other to "no" you can only select 1 option.

And no, you cannot set a checkbox as required because as I stated before a checked box means yes and an unchecked box means no. Setting that field to required when the user may not actually check it would cause issues with the form. That is why you can't set checkboxes to required and if you need a required "check list" then using a RadioButtonList is the way to go.


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Many thanks Josh, very helpfull...........

Best Regards......