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Log off Issue : NetConnection.Connect.NetworkChange


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I'm using Lccs with the sample :  SimpleChatExample.mxml

I randomly have a log off follow by an log in.

I launched in debug Mode and have that in the console :

#FMSConnector# Tue Aug 10 11:06:36 GMT+0200 2010 mainNetStatusHandler: NetConnection.Connect.NetworkChange

#FMSConnector# Tue Aug 10 11:06:37 GMT+0200 2010 mainNetStatusHandler: NetConnection.Connect.Closed

#FMSConnector# Tue Aug 10 11:06:39 GMT+0200 2010 [attempt 1 of 2] Connecting to 0/1: rtmfp://fms3.acrobat.com/cocomo/na2-sdk-1779ab1a-b3f1-4797-96d4-5fb1a5ee2892/test #startProtosConnect#

#FMSConnector# Tue Aug 10 11:06:45 GMT+0200 2010 [attempt 1 of 2] Connecting to 1/1: rtmps://fms3.acrobat.com/cocomo/na2-sdk-1779ab1a-b3f1-4797-96d4-5fb1a5ee2892/test #onNextConnectTimer#

#FMSConnector# Tue Aug 10 11:06:45 GMT+0200 2010 tempNetStatusHandler 1/2,NetConnection.Connect.Success

#FMSConnector# Tue Aug 10 11:06:45 GMT+0200 2010 isTunneling? false

#FMSConnector# Tue Aug 10 11:06:45 GMT+0200 2010 is using RTMPS? true

What is the NetConnection.Connect.NetworkChange ?

I check my network status, i don't lose my connection and I'm not in Wifi.



Edit : I searched in the Livedocs and didn't find in NetStatusEvent.info a reference to 'NetConnection.Connect.NetworkChange'

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I Have Windows 7 and using Firefox/3.6.8 and Flash Player 10,1,53,64


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Hi Edouard,

That's a new one to me - I Googled the event and got this :

'Flash Player has detected a network change, for example, a dropped wireless

connection, a successful wireless connection,or a network cable loss.

Use this event to check for a network interface change. Don't use this

event to implement your NetConnection reconnect logic. Use

"NetConnection.Connect.Closed" to implement your NetConnection reconnect


Not sure what the specifics are here, but it does seem as though your

client is reconnecting - do you see functionality being re-established?



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Yes it reconnect and works fine. After each NetworkChange I have a Netconnection.Connection.Closed.

I am in rtmps (if it's help), i will see how it react when disabling the firewall.

thanks for your help


Edit: I am the only one to have that in my office, so I guess it's my computer which have the problem, not the code


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I have a very Strange situation.

On my PC i have a non-windows firewall active and windows firewall incative, i disconnect.

When I active windows firewall, it works.

So thanks for your help.