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LiveCycle/PDF Forms Submission Help


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Hello all,

  I've recently been tasked with updating the website for my employer, a County Public Safety Department in PA.  We currently accept forms from a number of other departments in all forms.  Some come via FAX, some email, etc.  We're trying to simplify the process and put all of the available forms on our website, and allowing them to be submitted electronically.  My boss wanted me to look into FDF, but it seems that is a bit outdated.

At this point, I simply need some help determining exactly what software I need.

I need to have a multitude of documents available on the website and once filled out, they need to go to a myriad of people.  I see an email submission is fairly easy, but as this is government, they want things sent to several people and logged in a central location.  What software do I need on the server to accept the documents?  They don't neccesarily need to go into a DB, but that option is available.



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If considering PDF forms, then it is important to consider what software the user will have to open/fill in/submit these forms, e.g. Acrobat or Reader or third party PDF viewers.

Before you deploy a form you can entend its functionality for users with Reader. If you don't do this, users with Reader will only be able to submit by http.

Here is a summary of deployment options and the features/restrictions in each case: http://assure.ly/etkFNU. Click the link at the end of the post for the summary.

If processing a lot of data then it may be worthwhile considering components from LiveCycle Enterprise Suite. http://www.adobe.com/products/livecycle/. Particularly when requiring logging of interactions and a workflow with different outcomes.

Maybe talk to an Adobe rep in your area.

Hope that helps,