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Livecycle over/underflow error


Level 1

I cannot seem to get past this error.  I have looked at the forums and still am getting either a script syntax error or the aritmetic error, depending on which way I change the script

Here is my script: (FormCalc)

if(NumericField1 ne 0 & HasValue(NumericField1)) then (NumericField1*NumericField12)elsenullendif

I am trying to multiply 2 fields and then all the multiplied fields are totaled - very simple "spreadsheet" function.  Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong??

Thank you!!


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Level 2

I will guess your script is in the "calculate" event of a 3rd field.

You can add a bit more in the script to try to help you understand the error.

For information: Overflow means it calculated a value too large to handle and underflow means it calculated a value too small to handle. Either case suggests something is wrong because I guess you have "every day" kind of values in the hundreds/thousands/millions kind of range.

Try the following [I slightly extended your 'if' so it requires a value in NumericField12 also] and it should pop up a window showing the values of both fields before the calculation:

// show field values for debugging
  Concat("NumericField1 val: ", NumericField1, " NumericField12 val: ", NumericField12)
, null
, 3)

// calculate them
  & HasValue(NumericField12)
  & NumericField1 ne 0
  & NumericField12 ne 0) then

Good luck!