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afxi48046291 10-08-2016

I have forms that have been designed by a previous member of my team.  I need to make some changes in these company forms.  I'm not concerned with editing data contents.  I need to be able to edit the actual form.  Add and change field size etc.  When I've tried to do this on a "designed form" I get an error message that says I must have LiveCycle to edit the form.  I'm willing to buy it for the company, however, I'm not an IT person by trade.  I do like many others and just try to figure it out.  My question...will buying LiveCycle Designer ES4 meet my need.  I'm not sure how the Enterprise Suite impacts me or other members of the company. 

Quite simply, I have envisioned purchasing one license and installing it on my desktop to be able to edit the forms the way I need.  Is this the product I need to get, or should I look at Acrobat Pro X or XI?

Please forgive my lack of knowledge and accept my gratitude for any responses.

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natalies3171885 12-08-2016

Looks like you're covered, so just a note:

I work for a company with roughly 2200 employees. There are only 3 of us who have Adobe LiveCycle installed directly on our individual computers (not through the company server). I build and edit fillable PDF forms with it, and general users open/fill them with Adobe Reader.

LiveCycle has been a fabulous product for us!


You also can still purchase a licence of Livecycle Designer ES4 from Adobes Store.

You'll receive a licence key via mail, that you also can use for the AEM Forms Designer, which is in fact a rebranded LiveCycle Designer ES4.




You may visit this link : Form and document management system | Adobe Experience Manager

And yes the trial will expire after 60 days.

Also, you may try this number to call:  877-722-7088  

@ natalies31718855 ,

yes this is very a good product. It gives you more control to build a form from very simple to a very complex nature.


Tariq Dar.

afxi48046291 12-08-2016


Thank you...AEM Forms Designer may work for us.  Who can a talk to about purchasing AEM Forms Designer, pricing etc?  Is there a sales number I can contact?  Will the trial version expire and are there more features on the purchased product?


Hi jeromes27455147

You can't edit LiveCycle form using Acrobat. You need to have LiveCycle designer to edit the form.

Currently, we have AEM form 6 is available. You may install a trial version using below link and try editing your forms.

Adobe - LiveCycle Developer Center | Adobe Developer Connection  on this page at the bottom right corner there is the section called Adobe Form Designer, AEM Forms Designer with Trial serial number in the hyperlink.

let me know if you have further questions.


Tariq Dar.