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LiveCycle ES Migration from server to server


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We are currently migrating FMRMS and Adbobe's LiveCycle ES 8.0.1 from one physical server to a virtual server.

New setup resembles the current environment as:

OS -           Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4 (Nahant Update 8)

Database - Oracle 10g

JBoss- Customized Adobe's version (Release ID: JBoss [Zion] 4.0.3SP1 (build: CVSTag=JBoss_4_0_3_SP1 date=200510231054))

GDS - copied all the contents to a new storage device

Cluster - 2 node JBoss cluster

1) We have migrated the setup by tar'ring the complete setup and untar'ed on to the new server. Oracle Database has been setup from the dump of the current data in the new environment. JBoss Data source has been configured to use the new database.

2) When JBoss is started, I see the below error in the server.log. Log file attached has more details.

WARN  [com.adobe.idp.dsc.startup.DSCStartupServlet] Unable to start the DSCManager

3) I am able to access the LiveCycle console but the FMRMS client application is not able to call the FMRMS server to query for licenses.

4) Our understanding is that not all the server components are not started and the functionalities are not fully available.

As we have very limited technical background about FMRMS and LiveCycle components, could anyone please let us know what are we missing and  suggest the best way to migrate the current setup to the new servers?

Additionally, our customer don't have the license key for the LiveCycle product stored anywhere. Hence we could not install the product from the scratch.


Karthick P

Technical Lead, IT Infrastructure Services

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