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LiveCycle Dynamic Table disappears after flattening


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Hi ,

I am using Assembler Service to stitch few fragments into one file. and later this file will get flattened using Output Service.

lets say we have fragments called frag1.xdp, frag2.xdp, frag3,xdp and a template called MainTemplate.xdp , this has the subform with an insertion point.

The Assembler Service will stitch these fragments into MainTemplate and creates a PDF.

In Frag1.xdp and Frag2.xdp - I have similar kind of JavaScript to populate Dynamic Table based on the value of a input variable. Below is how it is.

varable V1 = "aaa|bbbb|ccc|ddd~eee|fff|ggg|hhh~iii|jjj|kkk|lll

variable v2 ="rrr|sss|ttt|uuu|vvv|www"

in Frag1.xdp the table has 4 columns to dynamically populate, So the Javascript get the V1 value and split it with '~' for each row and then split each row with '|' for each column.

in Frag2.xdp the table has 2 columns in which only 1 column (Column2) is dynamically populated, So the JavaScript get the V2 value and split it with '|' for each row and add the split value to column2 in each row. and column 1 is a checkbox and it will have the same default value 0.

The issue is :

when this form is generated using Assembler service and opened as a PDF file, both Fragments will have the dynamically populated Table values.

and then when this form gets flattened - only Frag1 retains the dynamic table values and Frag2 will have only one empty row.

To fix Frag2 JavaScript issue, i tried so many things and was unsuccessful in resolving the issue.

Below are few things i tried:

1. Since Frag1 and Frang2 has similar javascript and the fact that they both are different xdp files, i tried to mimic the form properties (file-->formProperties)  from Frag1 to Frag2. like changing the JavaScript default run at "Client and Server",  Default PDF Render Format to "Static PDF Form" etc.

2. I tried repeating a SubForm instead of Dynamic Table.

My Thoughts on this so far:

I am thinking somehow Frag1 is able to retain table values before it goes for flattening and Frag2 is not retaining the table value and goes to flattening, As after Flattening the file JavaScript wont execute. I am not able to figure out whats causing Frag1 to retain values and Frag2 to not retain values.

I appreciate your response.

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