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Livecycle Designer - Javascript


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We have a form that was created in Livecycle Desinger ES2 some time ago and we want to create a very similar form in Livecycle Desinger ES4, in particular a "submit" button that utilizes javascript.  I created a new "submit" button using Livecycle Desinger ES4.  I copied the javascript from the form created in Livecycle Desinger ES2 into Livecycle Desinger ES4.  When we open the form in Acrobat Pro XI and select the "submit" button, we get a window entitled "Check Names" that opens and reads Microsoft Outlook does not recognize "1.  Double-click the attachment."  Also get an error from the javascript debugger when previewing in PDF.  As a brand new user to Livecycle Designer, was hoping a simple copy and paste would work. 

Check Names.jpg

Check Names 2.jpg

Below is the script, how can I correct?

topmostSubform.Page1.Button2::click - (JavaScript, client)

//@@SUBMITURL "mailto:christopher.fagan@mascocabinetry.com?subject=Submitting Completed Form&body=Instructions to a..."




var AdobePatentID = "AdobePatentID=\"B643\"";

// initiate some constants

var METADATA_ANNOT_NAME     = "adhocFormState";

var PROP_RESPONDENT_NAME    = "respondentName";

var PROP_RESPONDENT_EMAIL   = "respondentEmail";

var currentDoc;

if (typeof(xfa) == "object")

    currentDoc = event.target;


    currentDoc = this;

// Only on Viewer/Reader older than 9.0, we'll do the following tasks.

var bAnonymous = false;

var bContinue = true;

if (app.viewerVersion < 9.0) {

    // show the email/name dialog if not anonymous

    if (!bAnonymous && !currentDoc.dynamicXFAForm) {

        var result = currentDoc.askUserIdentity(currentDoc);

        if (result == null)

            bContinue = false;

        else {   

            var annot = currentDoc.getAnnot(0, METADATA_ANNOT_NAME);

            if (annot != null) {

                var arrProps = new Array();

                arrProps = annot.contents.split(";");

                currentDoc.setProperty(arrProps, PROP_RESPONDENT_NAME, result.name);

                currentDoc.setProperty(arrProps, PROP_RESPONDENT_EMAIL, result.email);

                annot.contents = arrProps.join(";");





    // show the select client dialog

    if (bContinue) {

        var result = currentDoc.askEmailClient(currentDoc);

        if (result == null)

            bContinue = false;

        else if (!result.send)  {


            bContinue = false;




// submit the form

if (bContinue) {

    var rawURL = "christopher.fagan@mascocabinetry.com?subject=Submitting Completed Form&body=Instructions to add this...";

    var submitURL;

    if (app.viewerVersion < 9.0)

        submitURL = "mailto:" + rawURL;


        submitURL = "mailto:" + escape(rawURL);


        cURL: submitURL,

        cSubmitAs: "PDF"



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