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Livecycle/Designer Form Live Currency Exchange Rates


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Hello Experts!!

Is it possible in a form to have live currency exchange data come in via an API perhaps, maybe call them on a layout ready script from an online provider and then use the exchange rate data to affect a forms behavior? I have signed up to a free account with an online API called Currencylayer which seems to offer what i'm looking for in terms of the raw data.

I have a requisition form I am working on and have been asked to make it multi-currency in terms of it's look and feel as well as its behavior with regard to the total value. It's default is AUD, and if it exceeds a certain amount, the form will insist on a director signing it as authority. I have this working, but our imposed limits are in AUD and if someone picks EUR for example, I would like the form to (in the background) convert this amount using live exchange rates to aud, and then act accordingly based on this AUD value.

Can this be done?

Best Regards


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