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Livecycle Designer 7.0 - How do I link a text box in a form to a radio button or checkbox?


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I am using Livecycle Designer 7.0 to create a form. I have a scenario where I have several options on a question where they choose one radio button. The last option of the radio button has a text box accompanying it and I only want it to be able to be filled out/typed into if that particular radio button is chosen. Not to be able to be typed into if that particular radio button is not chosen as an answer to that question.

How do I do that?

Also how to I do the same for a text box to be entered into and typed into only if the accompanying checkbox is checked?


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This forum is for the Adobe FormsCentral  (formscentral.adobe.com) which is a service that allows you to create,  collect and analyze data using an online web form. You should ask  Designer related form questions in the Designer forums: http://forums.adobe.com/community/livecycle/livecycle_es/livecycle_des igner_es

I'll move your post to that forum so you don't need to retype it. They can help you out...



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you can either have the textbox hidden and only become visible when that particular button is checked (by using .presence) or have it readonly and then change it to writable when the button is checked (by using .access). Both of these you would put in the click event for the button you want associated with the textbox.