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LiveCycle Barcode


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I am working on developing forms that embed select fields into a 2D paper form bar-code. I have to name some fields using the same binding name. However, when I scan the barcode and look at the delimited file those fields are present multiple times. For example, let's say I have a field called "coffee consumption" and that field has 3 mutually exclusive check boxes: None, Moderate, and Lots. I need to call each check box the same exact name so I wrap each check box in a sub form and then give each check box a binding name. Let's say the binding name here would be coffee_consumption.

Let's say the option selected was "None" then my output looks like this:

coffee_consumption  None

coffee_consumption  None

coffee_consumption  None

How do I reduce this to just one line of output without changing each check boxes binding name to something else? I've done it once before but I can't seem to replicate the steps to repeat this.

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Try scanning the form at folloiwing link:


I used Radio Buttons instead of CheclBoxes