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Limitation of creating sub folders in Watched Folder's Stage


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We created a WatchedFolder with the following settings:

Watched Folder Settings.jpg

WatchedFolder will create a sub folder in Stage folder and will move the Batch Size number of files from the Input to that folder. Now when we drop 50 files to the Input folder then the Watched folder should create 25 folders in the Stage folder (Each folder will be created after the time interval specified in thet RepeatInterval i.e., 5 secs).

But in this case, if the stage folder consists of 5 folders with at least of 1 file in it then the watched folder is not creating the sixth folder in Stage unless and until one of the sub folder is empty.

We don't want to limit the active sub folders in a Stage folder to 5.

Let us know where we can configure so that we can increase/modify the limit of sub folders creation in a WatchedFolder's Stage.

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Could anyone know where we are specifying this limit as 5...............


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Its not a limit imposed by the watched folder end point.

Usually a stage folder is created when the respective LC service/orchestration picks a batch from Input folder for processing.

Now depending in the LC service your are using (it's pooled instances configuration) and hardware specs, your service might already be running a set no. of instances.

it's probably not able to generate a new service instance to consume the next batch of files, hence the service waits to finish chewing a previous batch.

AS soon as an in-execution batch finishes, that folder goes away from stage, and your service is able to pick the next batch.

Probably that's why you see these symptoms on the watched folder side.