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Hello again . i have an issue with my form. First of all about my form and expectations: i had to create a form which could visualize the data which i've selected from DB. It's specific vendors/customers data. everything is great when user selects only one vendor or customer and starts my program which passes whole information to my form, but when he the user selects sevelar vendors/customers i have a headache. For this purpose i've created table (which i am passing to my PDF form) which consists of two parameters: structure (static data for all vendors/customers) and table ( conssits of specific vendor/customer item lines which i 've assinged to forms table and static vendor/customer data). So now my whole form is one table entry and each table entry will be printed at new page. Everything is great when there is no need to paginate the subform ( which consists of table). i've created a header subform and set it to be tablesubforms leader and checked checkbox - "repeat for each data item", it's necessary and assigned value/parameter (from table which i am passing) to my headersubforms field (there have to occur the name of specific vendors/customers whose data i am printing). so when evet "must be paginated" is triggered, the headersubform is placed at the beginning of new page with the last vendors/customers name (but not ones whose data i am printing). So my form just loop through all my entries and returns the last one, but not that one which i need and which've been printed at initial specific vendors/customers page. Thanks in addition.

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