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lcds 3.1 hibernateannotations problem


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I'm trying to use hibernateannotations with lcds 3.1 and flexbuilder 4.5.1 and I'm having problem getting the fill operation to work, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong

I'm getting this error back from lcds:

[LCDS]Exception executing assembler operation.  incomingMessage: Flex Message (flex.data.messages.DataMessageExt)

    operation = fill

    id = null

    clientId = C1DFF41D-2A96-1A63-E293-F4CB0FEEE405

    correlationId =

    destination = WrUesdDataManagerService

    messageId = 9861843C-94CA-9656-D044-F4CB1029A6AC

    timestamp = 1322661908887

    timeToLive = 0

    body =


      [[], getAllSorted, [Ljava.lang.Object;@7d6b4be5]


    hdr(DSId) = D8A3C599-C32F-EA78-D64B-978BE213BFC3

    hdr(DSEndpoint) = my-rtmp

    exception: java.lang.ClassCastException: flex.messaging.io.ArrayCollection cannot be cast to java.lang.String

    at flex.data.assemblers.HibernateAssembler.fill(HibernateAssembler.java:1034)

    at flex.data.assemblers.HibernateAssembler.fill(HibernateAssembler.java:957)

    at flex.data.adapters.JavaAdapter.invokeFillOperation(JavaAdapter.java:996)

    at flex.data.adapters.JavaAdapter.invoke(JavaAdapter.java:622)


my actionscript looks like this:

var param:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();




                getAllResult.token = WrUesdDataService.fill(param);

and I've went through commenting out the various params like jobs and [] but I still get the same error

the using lcds 3.1 doc says fills should like this

myService.fill(myCollection, "flex:hql", "from Person p where p.firstName = ? ", ["Paul"]);

but the compiler doesn't that syntax.

I created the service by importing it into the data model and generating the code.

here is my data-managementconfig.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<service id="data-service"



        <adapter-definition id="actionscript" class="flex.data.adapters.ASObjectAdapter" default="true"/>

        <adapter-definition id="java-dao" class="flex.data.adapters.JavaAdapter"/>



        <channel ref="my-rtmp"/>


<destination id="WrUesdDataManagerService">

       <adapter ref="java-dao" />






      <identity property="uesdId"/>











any suggestions?

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A few questions:

  1. What version of the Modeler plugin are you using?
  2. You mentioned that "the using lcds 3.1 doc says fills should like this myService.fill(myCollection, "flex:hql", "from Person p where p.firstName = ? ", ["Paul"]); but the compiler doesn't that syntax" what error does the Flex compiler given you?



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From flexbuilder:

ADEP Data Services - Content Repository Enablement 4.5.501000.v315043-20110711 com.adobe.model.feature.ria.feature.group

ADEP Data Services - Flash Builder 4.5 Enablement 4.5.501000.v315043-20110711 com.adobe.model.feature.fb.feature.group

ADEP Data Services - Model Editor 4.5.501000.v315043-20110711 com.adobe.model.feature.editor.feature.group

ADEP Data Services - Modeler Core 4.5.501000.v315043-20110711 com.adobe.model.feature.core.feature.group

ADEP Data Services - SAP Connector 4.5.501000.v315043-20110711 com.adobe.model.feature.sap.feature.group

The compiler wants WrDataService.fill(arg0:ArrayCollection) which I assumed are the 3 args listed for the fill, (collection, query, queryparams)

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Subject: lcds 3.1 hibernateannotations problem

Re: lcds 3.1 hibernateannotations problem

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Hmm, looks like you are using the wrong plugin versions. Get plugin v3.11. WrDataService.fill(arg0:ArrayCollection) expects ListCollectionView and followed by set of optional arguments.


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