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Issue with xfa.host.exportData("",0)??


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Hello All,

The .xml file created by xfa.host.exportData("",0) failes to validate due to the presence of empty tags when submitting.

Below is a sample.......

The empty tags represent optional fields on my form. i.e TwoDoorPassengerVolumeMeasure is not required in some submissions.

How can remove these before generating this file?

Thanks in advance!!

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

- <v:CarlineSubmission xmlns:v="https://rrevm-veerr.ss.ec.gc.ca/">

- <v:SubmissionAuthorDetails>




- <v:CarlineInformationDetails>





- <v:VehicleVolumeMeasureDetails>



  <v:TwoDoorPassengerVolumeMeasure />

  <v:TwoDoorLuggageVolumeMeasure />

  <v:FourDoorPassengerVolumeMeasure />

  <v:FourDoorLuggageVolumeMeasure />

  <v:HatchbackPassengerVolumeMeasure />

  <v:HatchbackLuggageVolumeMeasure />




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Hi Ken,

Has your XML Schema got the minOccurs="0" for the TwoDoorPassengerVolumeMeasure element?  If it has there should be a dd:nullType="exclude" attribute added to the dataDescription section of your form (you should be able to find it in the XML Source view).  It sometimes doesn't get added but as far as I know only if the minOccurs is on a complex type, so you would then have to add it manually (we use a macro but it is quite specific to our style of XML Schema).

There is more about the nullType attribute at John Brinkman's blog http://blogs.adobe.com/formfeed/2009/12/null_data_handling.html

Good luck,



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Thanks for your help.

I believe you have answered my question but my PC is giving me issues right now. Not sure how I tag this as "answered"



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