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Issue tabbing across page breaks in dynamic form


Level 2

Hi all,

I have a strange problem that I'm having trouble getting to the bottom of, relating to my dynamic form.

This form grows and shrinks depending on how the user fills it out.  I have a questionnaire section where certain questions are hidden or shown depending on previous input.

Things get interesting when I look at the tab order.  Sometimes when tabbing forward or backward across page breaks, the focus lands on a spot that I cannot identify.  There will be no cursor and I can not type.  However if I continue to tab in the same direction, I can see that it is still going in the correct sequence.  It just looks like for some reason, in those places, focus is put in the wrong component.  But if I type different input into the prior fields (ones that affect the length of the pages) that causes the field to move to different place where it's not adjacent to a page break, and then tabbing to the field in either direction works fine.  It seems that only when it's beside a page break, it becomes problematic.

Also, it only seems to be a problem if the field gets moved to be adjacent to a page break AFTER the form is initially rendered.  If the field was originally beside a page break by default, then it seems to work fine.

Just to rule out a possible problem with the tab order configuration, I set my from to Automatic tabs, and even went as far as removing all the <traversal> elements from the form.

After doing either of those things, the problem still persists.

Has anyone seen this before?

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Level 10

Hi Eric,

I have seen funny behaviour when tabbing within Preview in LC Designer. It may be picking up a read-only item in the Master Page.

Good luck,