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invoke is not a function when invoking SOAP.connect


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We are using Reader Extensions ES2 in order to have web service connectivity from our Livecycle PDFs.  When a user completes a worklist item in their workspace, an adobe livecycle process is called via a SOAP connection from the PDF.  This works fine over HTTP.  We are now testing it over HTTPS and it seems to be working fine in Internet Explorer.  However, it does not work in either Firefox or Chrome. 

If the user does not have the host (the web site URL) in their Privileged Locations in Enhanced Security, then an error will pop up saying "NotAllowedError: Security settings prevent access to this property or method". 

If the user does have the host in their Privileged Locations, then we're getting the error  "TypeError: service.invoke is not a function", service being the Net.SOAP.connect("<URL>"); location.

It seems odd that it is working fine in IE.  There is no error, even if the secure URL is not added into the Privileged Locations section.  I was wondering if anyone might know of a solution or if there are others having a similar problem.

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Hello, you've found the solution ?. It gives me an error "TypeError service.HelloWordl is not a function", this error only happens to me on a network? in other works