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Inserting a Subform with Text Field


Level 1

I am new to this program.  It was offered in my Level II Acrobat class.  I've just just using it and it seem sto be working fine.

My problem is that I need to have a TextField at the bottom of my form for the end user to fill in notes/comments.  If their comments are more than the space allowed I need it to flow/continue to the next page.

I've checked all the forums and followed the information.  I've set my form as Dynamic, marked as Flowed, etc.  When I drag over a subform into my regular form and check Allow Page Breaks within Content I get a yellow triangle error saying it will not work.  I've even went to a sample Purchase Order form for reference (suggested by a forum).  It works perfectly fine on the sample reference form, but I get the same yellow triangle error on mine.

Can anyone offer advise?  I can send my form, if it will help.  I'm desperate!

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Level 6


Is your textField contained within the Subform that you placed on the form, or is loose (outside the subform). If it's wihtin the subform, make sure the Subform AND textField are BOTH set to "Allow Page Breaks Within Content.

Just FYI (in case you weren't aware): Even if the content within a Subform is Allowed to Break Break, it won't if the Parent Subform isn't allowed to break.

That being said, you should also check that the Main subform (whatever it's titled...i.e. Page1) is also Allowed to Break. In this case, even if you allow various Subforms within the page to break, they won't if the Main subform (that being the actual Page title) isn't allowed.

So basically, make sure the Main Page subform is allowed to break as well as all subforms. if you want specific items within subforms to break too (ie your text field), make sure its set to break as well.

Hopes this helps you.