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Insert a Fragment between Table Rows


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I have no coding skills and I am trying to build a dynamic form using LiveCycle and the internet (along with another colleague). We are building the dynamic form as a series of tables, where the rows are questions. The questions are structured to have yes / no answers, and when an answer is no, we want the user to be able to input a comment.

Currently, we can do this by brute force by building the table with the question as one row, the comment as a row under it. The comment row is hidden on initiation and shown when No is selected. It looks like this:


We would like to code this a little different to make it easier to revise, ect. I have been able insert a row "between" rows using code I found off this site:

var currentRepeatable = this.parent;

var im = currentRepeatable.instanceManager;

var newRepeatable = im.addInstance(1);

im.moveInstance(newRepeatable.index,this.parent.index +1);

However, this only inserts the row that the pull down box is on. I don't want to insert the same row. I want to insert the "Comment" row. So I did figure out how to insert a fragment. I made the comment row a fragment, and hid it. I can get it insert, but only at the bottom of the table. I am using code that looks like this (called when the drop down list is No):

_Comment.addInstance(1).presence= "visible";




Is there a way to insert the fragment "between" rows? I have been trying moveInstance with no success.

Thanks in advance,


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