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inject data and create new copy of dynamic pdf form...


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Hi All

I'm after some advice...

I have a dynamic form created with LiveCycle ES2. I also have a list of suppliers in excel. I need to 'merge' these documents almost like a 'mail merge'  type function where each suppliers name and address is injected into the form and a new 'supplier specific' version of the form saved (with the supplier name in the title if poss)

I thought AutoMailMerge plugin could do the job but it does not work with dynamic forms

Any suggestions as to how to achieve this folks?



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Hi Ellis,

I'm guessing you don't have any of the LiveCycle server products available?

If not and there's not a large amount of supplier specific data, you could try passing it in on a query string like this sample http://forms.stefcameron.com/2006/10/20/using-url-requests-in-pdf-forms/