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Information field for a drop down list


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I have a drop down list that is a list of abbreviated codes.  I would like to have a "?" box beside them that when the user clicks on it, it pops up an information box that shows the Description for each abbreviated code.  Alternatively the drop down list could have the Abbreviated code with the description beside it, but when the user selects this I would need it to just show the abbreviated code in the finished product of the form.

I am very new to LiveCycle so have not done any scripting, so would need a fairly comprehensive guide if thats what is involved.

I have searched the internet for weeks and have not been able to find a solution. So truly appreciate any help.

An example of my abbreviation codes are CC and CF

An example of what I need in my information box is:      CC - Check duty in jump seat / simulator

                                                                                     CF - Check duty in operating seat

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Since it's early days....

the simplist solution I put forward for you is:


- make two combo-boxes

- 1 with abbreviated codes

- 1 with corresponding "un-"abbreviated values


On the "un-"abbreviated codes combos 'ready:layout' event, but the following code:

this.selectedIndex = dropDownAbbreviated.selectedIndex;


Make the "un-"abbreviated combobox readyonly (it will look better)

have fun