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Increasing indent in lists sometimes does not work. Why not?


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Here's the scenario. Suppose I want to have a list with some sub-lists, like this:

  1. Planes
    1. Jets
    2. Props
  2. Trains
    1. Passenger
    2. Freight
  3. Automobiles

See those sub-lists? Sometimes I cannot create them. I start with this:

  1. Planes
  2. Jets
  3. Props
  4. Trains
  5. Passenger
  6. Freight
  7. Automobiles

I click on the "Jets" line, then click the Increase Indent button, and nothing happens. Why not? In most cases it will work, but sometimes it does not.

I have found a few causes that consistently prevent it from working:

  • If the line of text is long enough that it will need to wrap when I increase the indent, it will not work. I have to temporarily shorten the length of the line, either by cutting some text or by inserting a line break (by pressing Shift-Enter).
  • If the Text item is not tall enough to hold all of the lines, it will not work. I have to increase the height of the text box first.

Again, in most cases it will work. However, in some cases it does not, even when neither of the above seem to apply.

Has anyone else encountered this? Any solutions to try?

I'm using LiveCycle Designer version 6.1 on Windows 7.



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