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IE8, submitForm and responseSendRedirect(...) = blank page


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I have a SERIOUS problem with IE8 and the response to a submitForm.
I tested with Windows Vista (32), XP, Reader X 9.3, IE8, IE7 and FF.

The scenario is as follows:

+ PDFs that are instantiated dynamically with ES2 Forms LC.

+ The PDF are embedded in the web browser (with the "embed" tag, as mentioned in "http://blogs.adobe.com/pdfdevjunkie/2007/08/using_the_html_embed_tag_to_di.html") in HTML page (over SSL (https://...).

+ PDF forms have a button that performs a "submitForm" of XML to the server (url a servlet on server over NOT SSL (http://...).

+ On the server, a servlet takes XML data, performs a variety of tasks and finally responds with a "response.sendRedirect (...) (to page over SSL (https://...).

The user should see how the browser redirects to the confirmation page rececpción XML data, but the redirect does not end and the confirmation page is blank and loading forever.

This problem occurs only with IE8, Firefox and IE7 work properly.

If the page that is redirected from the servlet is a simple HTML (without style sheets, and applets) then the page is always displayed, even in IE8. However, when the page link style sheets (which is common) IE8 is "loading ..." and then does nothing.

Using a program to monitor HTTP traffic, you see what happens, and it is that Reader expected the response  of "submitForm" and it takes (catch) the HTML content (the page that the servlet has forwarded), but when the page have external resources (css, applets ...) Reader is not able to get all the resources referenced in the HTML returned and is "foolish" waiting..., "loading...".

I tried also add to the pages of directives compatibility with IE7, and does not work.

Are not you supposed to Reader when it is embedded should be redirected without more, without trying to interpret the answer? Why embbed PDF form catch the response?

Any ideas or alternative for this to work well in IE8?


PD: By the way, need a forum that is something like "Integrating everything",  I honestly do not know where to put this thread.

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