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I want to restrict who can read my PDF's but not using a password.


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I am currently looking for a way to be able to send our clients PDFs of our training material, rather than printing and shipping them.

In the past we have done this, and have found our material on a file sharing website.

Does LiveCycle give us the ability to restrict who can open the PDFs, but not using a password? So if someone uploads or forwards on our documents, they will be useless unless we grant them permision?



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LC Rights Management does prevent un-authorized users from viewing you documents, you can also prevent them from being printed or from copy and pasting content.

The user does have to authenticate in order to open the the protected document  However, this is much better security than the standard password security (there are lots of program that open password protected PDF's).  Password are for honest people like locks.  Only dishonest people pick locks.

You can purchase LC RM by the document or by the number of named recipients.  If you only need to protect a few documents this might be the lowest priced method, if you have a limited number of users then the Per Recipient may be better for you.

LC RM is used by manufactures and large corporations to protect sensitive information. It works.  It requires that you install it on a server so the users can authenticate, you can give some users short term leases so they can use them on a laptop when working remote without Internet connectivity.

You can also let them print the document, but print a large watermark with their name in the watermark, this makes them less likely to share it with people.

I hope this helps.



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Dear James,

You mentioned "purchase LC RM by the document or by the number of named recipients" in the reply above. Can you tell me how this works?