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I need help with! scripts for a livecycle form.....please


Level 1

I'm trying to create a form that populates two different text fields based on the selection of a drop down menu. I have no scripting knowledge and am confused by everything I'm reading online. Can someone please help me.

I'm attaching the file. I already made the form but can't figure out how to do the drop downs.

I want to made a selection in the Item field and then I want it automatically populate the description and price.


I am attaching links for the form and an excel document with the items, descriptions and prices.

Dropbox - ESI Quoe Template.pdf

Dropbox - item code.xlsx

Thank you so much for any help!


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Level 2

Hi Tara,

The PDF Dropbox link is not working. Can you update?


Level 10

Hi Tara,

Try this JavaScript code in the change event of your Item dropdown;

var itemIndex = this.boundItem(xfa.event.change) - 1

Description.setItemState( itemIndex , true )

UnitPrice.setItemState( itemIndex , true )

This gets the index of the selected item in the Item dropdown and sets the Description and UnitPrice with the same index.




Level 4

I'm looking at your form and I have a question. I also do not write any javascript code but use the Tools section to set up a "Condition" and then a "Result".

But my question is, doesn't every item in your item list HAVE or correspond to an item description? If so, this would be easier to NOT have a list box for the description and unit price but have a text field that displays the proper description for the item and price when something is chosen from the list.

Or do I misunderstand the problem?