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I need help to produce a form - someone available?


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I have a copy of  forms that we would like to reproduce in live cycle, to have dynamic text boxes.  The form has only 2-3 pages.  I would be really interested in working with someone for 2-4 hours to learn how to produce one form.  I'm good in making a form on word, but I don't know live cycle so I pass my time searching, how to make things.  I have an application that permit to work together on the same file.  I would pay for the time given in help, if someone was avalaible, on line.

I'm trying to create on, and actually, once I save the form, I go to the viewer pdf, I see my form, but when I try to test the entry of informations in the boxes, it doesn't write...  searching for half an hour....

Thank you

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Check the File / Form Properties / Preview tab. It may be set to "print (single sided)", just change this to "interactive". Preview (within LC Designer) will work then.

There are some good samples / templates that come with LC Designer, that will help you initially. A good book is JP Terry's on LC Designer forms.

Good luck,