HTML Preview source and calling the HTML Preview from Web Application

arvinda64843633 20-01-2015


I belong to a corporate company in India (Chennai). We are doing a R&D to bind a XML data from a web service to a PDF, which was done successfully using LiveCycle. However, the client requirement is also to display the data in iPAD. As XFA is not supported in iPAD, we are now checking how we can utilise the Live cycle server for this. Based the outcome of this R&D we need to order for the Licenses.

Below are few clarifications that are currently a hindrance to proceed our analysis.

1. Will the evaluation version of designer and server help us to fully do the R&D for all the features?

2. How do I assign an XML Source to preview in HTML. The XML source for PDF works fine, the same source is not displayed in the HTML preview, I have provided the server details in the options menu and it displays the design successfully, but the data is not populated.- What would have gone wrong?

3. How do I deploy the designed PDF in the server so that I see the rendering in the iPAD (Basically I require the steps to achieve this)

Please provide the details as soon as possible.


Arvind A

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