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How to set attachments property in WebServiceSettingBean variable?


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I am making use of WebServiceSettingBean variable for invoking WebService from LiveCycle ES2 with SP1. And in Invoke WebService activity, I am passing this variable instead of making use of Literal Value.

I am able to set the WSDL endpoint and the request parameters without any issues and invoke the WebService, by setting the parameters of WebServiceSettingBean variable as shown below.







Now I have a requirement where I have to to pass attachments as inputs to my WebService.

For setting attachments, we should pass part, ContentType and MIME properties along with actual attachment. How to set all these values. Is there any variable available in LC for setting attachments along with part,ContentType and MIME types?

Could some one please share the details on how I can set attachments piece to this bean along with Part, ContentType and MIME types.

/process_data/setBean/object/attachments = ? (I dont think so, it is a straight forward list of documents variable as we have set ContentType and MIME types along with attachment).



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