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How to save a PDF File if you create it in lifecycle and view it in adobe reader 9.


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I am having a issue with a file that I created in Adobe lifecycle and then tried to fill out the form in adobe reader 9.

Here is the big issue I can fill out the form but can not save the information that I put in the form. It will only allow me to save a blank copy of the form. It tells me that in order to keep the information I must fill the form out and print a copy. How do I change the setting on the Life cycle version in order to allow people to keep a electronic copy of the PDF if they olny have adobe reader 9? I anyone know how to get that done please let me know.

Here is what software I have:

Adobe pro 9

Adobe lifecycle designer ES 8.2

Adobe reader 9

Adobe distiller 9

Adobe photo shop elements 3.0

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You might be way past this step but if you view it in adobe acrobat 8 or later

toolbars up top

advanced>Enable usage rights in adobe reader.