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How to remove a node from PDF


Level 10

Hi there,

I'm trying to remove a node from a PDF, initially the node is a DataConnection under "xfa.sourceSet"...

When I'm trying to remove a DataConnection I get this message :

"Method: 'remove' cannot be called because doing so would violate this document's permissions settings."


I don't know if there's an option which I can uncheck to be able to remove a DataConnection anyhow..

I've also tried to remove a node like a check box or something like that... it doesn't seem to remove it as there is no error and the check box stays in the form...

My main goal for this is to be able to remove a DataConnection to remove any connection to the DataBase since I keep the data inside the PDF... Afterwards there is no connection to the database, so it is useless to keep the DataConnection string inside the PDF..

Can anyone help me with this?


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Level 10

Hi there, again...

Seems like there is no chance in deleting a data connection node, or anything like that...

I'd like to know tho.. is it possible to remove a Data Connection from a PDF once the PDF is Reader Extended...

There is no use to keep a data connection once the PDF has connected to the database once...

Anyone have an idea on how I can possibly do this?