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how to open a document protected by RMS in mobile devices ?


Level 3

as the title , who can help ?

one of our customers wants to open the documents protected by RMS in mobile devices such as android phone , iPad etc. , it says it supports the action in the white paper of LiveCycle , is it ture ?

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Level 9

Yes,you can open RM protected documents on your mobile device. To do this you would need to install a valid SSL certificate on your LC server. A self signed certificate WILL NOT WORK. Once you install the certificate,protect your documents and they can be opened using reader on your mobile devices


Level 1

What about smart phones?  iPhone, BlackBerry, what are the restrictions for version of the phone OS


Level 1

There is a Reader for iPhone/iPad. 

I don't think there is one for the Blackberry though.

Someone please correct me about Blackberry if I am wrong.