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How to make non-owners have role = 50 ?


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hi guys

just made a super simple test app. owner created the room, then someone else joined with this info:

  .user descriptor from server [object]
    .displayName [string]= john smith
    .affiliation [number]= 5
    .role [number]= 10
    .userID [string]= WCD-4EF91DF340A21DBE992015D5

as you can see, role = 10, therefore not a publisher (and therefore throwing errors when attemtping to use AudioPublisher)

i need participants to have role = 50. according to this img:


the https://cocomo.acrobat.com/ back end should allow me to set autoPromote there. but the back end admin portal there seems to have changed (either that or https://cocomo.acrobat.com/ isn't the right url (is it or not?)) and simply doing:

connectSession.initialRoomSettings.autoPromote = true;

seems to have no effect. what do i need to do to ensure that non-owners have role = 50

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Were you the owner of the room when you tried to set autopromote = true . Did you try setting from the devconsole autopromote = true for the room ?


Hironmay Basu


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You can define autoPromote via code if you are logging into your application with the owner role, or it can also be accomplished via the Room Console in the SDK AIR app like the image you linked to.  Here is how you get to that panel:

  1. Open the 'AFCS SDK Navigator' AIR app
  2. Click the 'Developer Tools' tab
  3. Click 'Room Console' button
  4. Login to your account
  5. Double click on the appropriate room
  6. Click on 'Auto-Promot Users' in the first panel on the left at the very top

Alternatively, I believe if you're using a serverside technology to manage your rooms you can have that define user roles on a case-by-case basis.

Hope this helps!


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Hi Dubya,

Unfortunately, "initialRoomSettings", if you check out the docs, only works the first time you run the room. This is easy enough to fix though - open up the room console, and log into the room in question. Go to the "Manage" tab and select the "auto-promote" checkbox. All sorted.