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How to make field mandatory based on condition and concating dates


Level 2

Hi I am currently trying to accomplish a few things using adobe live cycle and java script.  I am in need of assitance and would be very greatful for any help.  I have provided the scenario below.

A user enters a date into a pdf fillable form by entering information into 6 text fields.  One text field for the 4 digits of the year e.g. 2015 and 2 for the month e.g. 09 (September).  I would like to make another field textfield Y be mandatory if the date (the one with the 6 text boxes) -todays date <1865 days.  Please note I am not able to change the form design unfortunately.    In order to help I have provided a little more detail below.

Lets say a user has a date of Sep 15, 2015 then they enter 2 in one text field, 0 in another, 1 in another, 5 in another, 0 in another and 9 in the last field.  The rule is if today's date-that date they entered is less than 5 years they must provide additional information.

I have concated the the 6 text fields to construct a date that is "YYYY-MM" and have tried to put in the rule but  the dates are not being read properly.  Any help would be much appreciated.  Some of my code is below.

To re-recreat the date I created a text field and using form calc on calculate event. M2R =the second month digit


if (M2R.rawValue ne null)




= (CONCAT(Y1R,Y2R,Y3R,Y4R,"-",M1R,M2R))

To capture the date for today I simply use this code in another text box



= Num2Date(Date(), "MMM-YY")

To get the difference I take I simply create a new variable =Concatted date-today's date in milliseconds, then convert it into days into a variable called days.  I try to capture this in a numerfic field. 

To set mandatory field I say fieldname.mandatory=(days.rawvalue<1865)?"error:"disabled"

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Level 10

Hi there,

everything seems okay according to what you provided, maybe there would be a syntax error like this : fieldname.mandatory=(days.rawvalue<1865)?"error:"disabled"

which would be fieldname.mandatory= days.rawValue < 1865 ? "error" : "disabled";

otherwise it depends what is not working, could you provide the form, so I can have a look


Level 2

I have created a demo form however can not find how to upload it.  All the code is below.  The 6 fields which date 2 gets data from are (Y1R,Y2R etc).  I think I am good with the mandatory fields. The problem seems to be reading the dates and taking the difference.

form1.#subform[0].DATEFIELD2::calculate - (FormCalc, client)

if (M2R.rawValue ne null) then

  $.rawValue = (CONCAT(Y1R,Y2R,Y3R,Y4R,"-",M1R,M2R))


  $.rawValue = ""


form1.#subform[0].DateField1::ready:layout - (FormCalc, client)

$.rawValue = Num2Date(Date(), "MMM-YY")

form1.#subform[0].textfield4::click - (JavaScript, client)

//transform fields to dates

   var regularDate1 = new Date(Datefield1.rawValue.replace(/-/g, "/"));

   var regularDate2 = new Date(DATEFIELD2.rawValue.replace(/-/g, "/"));


   // Get difference between dates in milliseconds

   var milliseconds = regularDate1.getTime() - regularDate2.getTime();


   // Define number of milliseconds in one day

   var nMilliSecondsPerDay = 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000;

   // Get difference in days

   var days = Math.floor(milliseconds / nMilliSecondsPerDay);

   //Display value in Numeric1 field

   textfield4.rawValue = days;


Level 10

Alright a few things might be in consideration in this case,

1. I see you have DATEFIELD2 and DateField1, but when creating regularDate1 you are missing the capital F var regularDate1 = new Date(DateField1.rawValue.replace(/-/g, "/"));

2. The new Date() constructor have 4 different constructors :

     i. Date() as today's date

     ii. Date(milliseconds)

     iii. Date(DateString) E.g.:"October 13, 2014 11:13:00"

     iv. Date(year, month, days, hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds)

3. If you are to use any of these constructors instead of FormCalc,

    it would be a great idea to have DateField1's rawValue to be using this format "YYYY-MM-DD" or "YYYY-MM" as Data,

    you can change the formattedValue within the options to your likings

So on the event of your choice you can use the following code to retrieve the difference between 2 dates

Hope this will help ya!


Level 2

Hey great thanks for this.  I tried and the only  thing that seems to work is to use form calc however it say"-" object can not be accessed.