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How to get rid of unwanted duplication of values in new instance?


Level 1

I have a subform that has radio buttons. I want to add a "new instance" of the subform, but when I preview the document, the new radio button group clones the selection of the original group when I click on the. How do I get the radio buttons in the new instance to work as independently of to the originals?

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Level 7

Weird. I created a table - one row, two radio buttons. I also created a button to add an instance and the new row gets new unselected radio buttons.

If you are still having difficulty, you could always just change the raw value after creating the new instance, but you would need to used the instance manager to target the correct instance to change the rawValue of.



Unselected original


One RB selected


New instance created, RB not duplicated



Level 10

Do you use a global binding for you radion buttons? If so the behavior is correct. For individual values for eaxch instance you`ll have to change the binding to name.