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How to generate PDF reports using a form template with data binding to columns in MS Access?


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I need to generate PDF reports for a list of individuals using records in a database table ( MS Access ).

The content(text and images) in the PDF report will be based on the values in the database columns but will be read only for the end user in the PDF report.

I have designed a PDF form in LifeCycle designer ES4. The form fields have been mapped to the table columns with records in MS Access.

Please guide on how I can generate the reports offline in bulk for all the records in the database.

Do I need any other Adobe product to do this or can I generate the reports from within LifeCycle Designer ES4 by pulling the data in the database, with minimal or no coding?

Any inputs will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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If you have LiveCycle ES, it is very easy to do it. Not sure how you would be able to do it with just LiveCycle Designer


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Thanks for the input.

Would I need to write an application code using LifeCycle ES to achieve this?

From the ES versions available, I see options specific to app servers namely JBoss, WebLogic, and Websphere.

I was hoping to be able to generate the reports with minimal or no coding - more so because I do not have to enable access online nor do I have to generate PDFs dynamically.

Please share any insights that you may have.