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how to generate a subform dynamically, need to change its display location


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get cascaded lists with different combination in Custom dialog boxes

Background: This old post described a dialog box that I always want, but since some Livecycle limitation issues that can't be fixed, I have to give it up. Now I'm using a subform as a container to hold the content of this dialog box.


My Question:

In my form, I have 2 pages. But some tables are dynamic. So at runtime, it may have many more pages. The dialog box (or a subform, hidden at initialization, but will be visible if is triggered), is triggered by those dynamic tables. So on which page shall I display the subform to make the effect that's it's a popup box of the current table? This value can be easily fetched with tableNode.somExpression (or anyone knows something better?) But how can I control it to display on that page?

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