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How to design a form to calculate values for various fields


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I have designed a form (in Adobe Live Cycle ES) which has fields for height (in inches), weight (in pounds) and serum creatinine (a decimal field). I have created a field for weight (in kilogram), a field for Body surface area (in m2) and creatinine clearance (in ml/min).

The weight can be derived by dividing weight in pounds by 2.2

The body surface area is calculated by

BSA (m²) = ( [Height(in) x Weight(lbs) ]/ 3131 )½

The creatinine clearance for males is calculated by

(140-age) * (Wt in kg) / (72 * Cr) for males

Creatinine clearance for females

(140-age) * (Wt in kg) *0.85 / (72 * Cr).

At another field I want the form to calculate the dosage by simple multipication of BSA with the dose basis or weight with dose basis.

How can I build an action which will perform these functions and place the value in the appropriate field?

Can some one help me and tell me the exact steps.

I would send the form I designed, if asked.

PS: I do not know java language.

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