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How to delete one row from more than one table in different pages...


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Hello community,

I have a problem... I have a table where I can create severeal rows. For each row the program creates one page with the table inside. I have also create a button to delete the last created row. The programm deletes than the created pages but concernig to the table, the programm only deletes the last row from the first page... how can I solve that?

A visual description.. I create a table with the button add field so I have:

field 1, field 2, field 3

with this comando will create 2 more pages with the table so that I have

page 1 with field 1,2,3

page 2 with field 1,2,3

page 3 with field 1,2,3

I decide to delete field 3, so I become:

page 1 with field 1,2

page 2 with field 1,2,3

what I want to have when I delete field 3 is:

page 1 with field 1,2

page 2 with field 1,2

Do you have any Ideas?

Thank you very much and have a nice day!

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